The Future Stars Series Foundation was created with one goal in mind - To provide opportunities for all young athletes regardless of background, financial situation or location, to have the opportunity to engage with professional coaching, networking and mentoring, and to provide a platform to demonstrate talent and skill. In hopes of providing a better future of opportunities regardless of financial resources.

Will every player you help make it to the Major Leagues? No, but it will give them confidence in believing that they can overcome life's obstacles. The impact that your gift will have goes far beyond the playing field. You will directly play a role in changing a life that could lead to a college education for a young student-athlete who may not of even though graduating high school would be possible. You will have the choice to donate on different levels but please know that with a donation of $5 or $5,000, you are making a difference. We are breaking down barriers and joining us in our quest to provide a level of success for these young players.



The Vision of the foundation is to effect positive change in as many areas as we can in people's lives through baseball. We strive to not only remove the financial barrier created in amateur baseball but impact the choices families make in things as important as just being a family while they have the opportunity to do so. We want to help support community and values while assisting in preparing tomorrow's leaders. The sport of baseball is the most difficult game on the planet, and there is no better sport to work with than it when driving home resiliency, understanding, accountability, and hard work. 


Jeremy Booth

Jeremy Booth

Brian Norris

Brian Norris
Vice President

Renee Booth

Renee Booth

Jeremy Hamilton

Jeremy Hamilton


  • Jeremy Booth - President and CEO, PROGRAM 15 Sports 
  • Renee Booth - Vice President Event Experience and Operations, PROGRAM 15 Sports
  • Brian Norris - Chief Operating Officer, PROGRAM 15 Sports  
  • Kenya Hayes, PhD. - Professor of History, Cal Baptist University
  • Neil Brooks  - Head of Baseball Sports Marketing, New Balance Athletics, Inc.

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The Future Stars Series Foundation strives to create a level of impact within the athletics community while also supporting other charitable organizations by arranging events at which players are able to be provided instruction by Major League Baseball (MLB) professionals and be seen by MLB scouts and develop mentoring relationships with MLB-related people.  Players that are chosen to attend certain level events for the New Balance Future Stars Series have the opportunity to raise funds helping pave the way for other players to attend events where a financial barrier exists. These players double the impact by also working with a charity that is selected by the Foundation board.  The goal is to create an understanding that our level of impact and paying it forward is bigger than just the game of baseball.  We want each player to pay it forward helping other players achieve their dreams just as they are doing without limitations for financial reasons. 

The Future Stars Series Foundation Board has approved
No Kid Hungry for the 2023 season:

No Kid Hungry
  • No child in America should go hungry, but millions don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The programs to feed hungry kids in our country already exist. The food is out there. But not enough kids are getting it.
  • We believe that every child in the United States needs - and deserves - healthy food in order to grow and thrive.
  • We believe that racial inequity is a root cause of childhood hunger.
  • We believe that the most effective and sustainable anti-hunger programs actively engage their community in driving solutions and decision-making.
  • We believe in lifting up the voices of community leaders of color who have been historically left out of philanthropic decision making and seek to work in partnership with community leaders of color to help inform and drive our programmatic and funding strategies and decisions.
  • Under-resourced and marginalized communities disproportionately experience poverty and hunger. We know that those on the ground, who really understand their communities, are leaders in creating change. We also recognize that because of various, often layered inequities, these leaders may be underfunded or lack financial resources. Our goal is to minimize financial barriers for schools and community-based organizations to make sure they have the funds needed to provide food to kids.

International AREAS of IMPACT

The Future Stars Series Foundation seeks to help grow the game internationally by providing quality events aimed at high-level player development and exposure for college programs and MLB organizations. Players participate in the events at one of the host countries with the goal of advancing through to the New Balance Future Stars Series World Combine and Caribbean Classic.


  • Dominican Republic - Host
  • Mexico - Host
  • Aruba - Host
  • Italy - Host
  • Bahamas
  • Spain
  • Great Britain
  • Columbia
  • Venezuela
  • Panama
  • Canada
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Australia
  • Nicaragua
  • Curacao
  • Netherlands

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The New Balance Future Stars Series is not just about discovering and developing the MLB Heroes of tomorrow. It’s about finding and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Your donation to the Futures Stars Series Foundation will create real opportunities for players where they don’t exist today: opportunities for an education, opportunities to give back to their community …opportunities for a future.

Jeremy Booth - President

Future Stars Series Foundation - Houston, Texas is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS.
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Future Stars Series Foundation - Houston, Texas is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS.
Tax ID Number: 32-0614411